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Exactly one week ago, my aunt died, on my birthday. Granite i was lied to by being told she died before this. And now today, a week from that day, my dad rushed in back from work saying my aunt and uncle who came down for my deceased aunt’s funeral Saturday, were killed in some kinda accident. I just talked with them Sunday; and now they’re gone. I’m not writing this for sympathy, I’m writing to make us all aware that the ones we love can leave here at any moment. They can be gone in an instant, without a time nor date. We gotta stop fighting with our loved ones and wake up and see that we aren’t invincible. We gotta tell the one’s we love that we love them and mean it; b/c you wont know when you’ll lose them. Death is ever so common in my family, but I just want everyone to just try and love on another and mean it. Life is just too short not to.

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My exercise philosophy

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This Ice Cream Truck Too Turnt Right Now

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Clear your mind here

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if you’re reading this i’m beautiful

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